Defender FaceShield 10 Pack


VisMed3D Defender Face Shield provides head and face protection in working environments to block wearer from sneezes, splashes, and coughs. The VisMed3D Defender Face Shield includes a ratcheting, adjustable head strap and face shield. The mask is made of recyclable materials including cardstock with a large window of clear plastic for visibility.

Unique single use face shield design for healthcare and essential workforce members to defend against the Covid-19 Virus. A portion the proceeds of these FaceShields is being donated to support the covid response efforts in each community we reach.

• Protects eyes, nose and mouth
• Easy Assembly
• Better Surface Virus Neutrlizer
• Eco-friendly
• Low Fogging Potential
• Protects from splashes
• Minimal assembly
• Stackable

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Shield size: Overall Height: 10.5 in
Overall Length: ~ 9 in (conforms to head)
Overall Width: ~ 9 in (conforms to head)
Overall Height (flat): ~ 0.1 in
Overall Length (flat): 10.5 in
Material: Cardstock
Material: Polycarbonate

Note: Final materials may vary based on availability

Contains: Box of 10 Shields; 10 Pack 1 fiber and Clear FaceShield with 1 head strap each

Disclaimer: This face shield has not been tested in a clinical setting. It is not an FDA-regulated medical device, has not been validated for clinical use, and has not been manufactured to the same degree of sterility as face masks or other items that directly interface with mucous membranes. It was created as a rapid response effort to support hospitals and other medical facilities experiencing shortages of medical-grade face masks and should only be used only when enough medically approved masks are not available. VisMed-3D makes no claims regarding the safety and efficacy of the face shield in preventing any disease or illness, including, but not limited to COVID-19. You acknowledge that you are releasing Manufacturer from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by any individual or organization, resulting from the use of this face shield.

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Brand: VM3D Defender
Manufacturer: VisMed-3D
Manufacturing Code: DFS10N-10
Quantity: 10/pkg